O Tannenbaum

When I was a kid, nothing was more significant than the rising of the Christmas tree. It symbolized a season of imagination, sometimes realized, sometimes not. We enjoy the tree to this day. Mom has the ornaments packed and Dad puts up the tree and lights (eventually, this sometimes includes words not associated with the Christmas spirit, but nonetheless.)

When it is up, we all feel good, because we helped in some way. We’ll adjust and stare at our involvement, but we enjoy. As the presents mount under the tree, our excitement rises. As kids, presents were prominent. As adults, staying up late and displaying what Santa brought was joyous. Yes joyous. Knowing you have kept the flame glowing for another generation is like no other.

Now, we feel the need to say what other’s want to hear. We risk becoming a generic society. I want to hear your views, despite the fact that they are way off base. I may ignore, delete or otherwise make fun of, but I need to hear them.

Finally, stating Christmas or Holiday is not about religion. It is about political correctness. Saying only what your audience wants to hear. For the most part, that describes politics. I, being a kid at heart, say what I mean. Sometimes right, sometimes wrong, but you have no trouble understanding what I believe.

God rest ye’ merry gentlemen, is a song I love. I sang/played for each of my children. I made up the 2nd verse to include “5 passengers set sail that day on a 3 hour cruise”. Christmas is a time of year that we can all celebrate. Am I religious, no. Am I trying to offend, no. Am I trying to enjoy a season of good will, yes. “glad tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy…”

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