The Kat’s New Phone Adventure

As I mentioned earlier, I upgraded my phone. That left me with a fully functional, idle HTC Tilt 2. Granted, it had Windows 6.5, but it also had a great screen and slide out keyboard. My daughter Katherine asked if she could have it. I figured that was a great idea given the fact that she had this simplistic device that could only dial and answer calls. We used to call it a phone.

This would be like an extra present.

Over the holiday vacation I deleted all my old contacts, calendar items, and all login info that referred to me. I added a few contacts so she could call and text and even installed a couple free games. I tested it and everything seemed fine. Kat was very pleased. If nothing else, it looks impressive.

Kat was going to a sleepover party that evening. Of course, she wanted to take her new phone. I double checked it and off she went. Later that evening, I started receiving emails with comments on my newly posted pics. Since I had not been on any social sites since last August, I was naturally curious. I figured my new phone was being the social butterfly without my knowledge. I viewed the shared photos and realized that Kat was unintentionally sharing her sleepover photos on my Facebook page! I immediately texted her to drop the phone until further notice. The next day, I did a hard reset on her phone and proceeded to rebuild it. A seemingly harmless act of kindness on my part ended in a multi-hour time killer. Windows Phone really should have a configurable primary user buried deep down in Settings rather than hard coding to the user specified in initial setup. Anyway, I now have a happy Kat.

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2 Responses to The Kat’s New Phone Adventure

  1. kathy says:

    lol! Busted!

  2. gregcon says:

    I’m just setting up, not hiding!

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