Technology Moratorium Adventure

Last August I decided to swear off technology as best I could. I had determined that while helping make some things easier, it was also consuming a great deal of my time. Of course I could not eliminate it completely. Online bills to pay, emails requiring attention and a host of other mundane tasks provided a ball and chain.

I hoped to get some things crossed off, make some inroads and have a new found sense accomplishment. I stopped participating in social sites, ignored the news, turned off the TV and rarely checked my cell phone.

Life was good. I read, mostly the classics, like Zen of Zombie, The Underachievers Manifesto, Ben Stein’s How to Ruin Your Life and something about improving self-deprecating sarcasm. I quit drinking, worked out and rarely raised my voice while swearing. Without distractions I discovered there were 24 hours in a day.

Return to the Dark Side. The experiment is now over. I bought a new Windows Phone, Smart 3D TV and started this blog. PBS and TCM are back. Imagine life without 24 hour news, Real Housewives, award shows, Kardashian’s and whatever is on MTV. Life without male enhancement, Nigerian Banks and Free Offer emails. I did for a short while and it was enjoyable, but something was missing. Have to go now, Biggest Loser in 3D and a little blue pill email with my name on it calling. Hopefully I’ll get to ringtones and phone apps this evening.

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One Response to Technology Moratorium Adventure

  1. Kathy says:

    Welcome back to the dark side, Greg.

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