Adventures in babysitting or how I learned to stop worrying…

I’ve been sick all week. Finally dragged myself into the Dr to get some real medicine. I needed to feel better as I’m watching the kids this weekend. The key to good babysitting is scheduled activities. Ideally, activities that have rides provided. If I have to drive all over creation, poor planning. If I can plant myself on the sofa and wallow in self-pity, well thought out. Fortunately, 2 out of 3 had places to be and the third was so worn out from sleepover that he didn’t appear until 3pm.

When babysitting, I like to keep organized. It is important to project an air of family and fatherhood when dealing with nosy people. I have the names, ages, grades and other vital info on my children stored in OneNote. I discovered this wonder sometime back. Everything I need to know is sychronized on my laptop, web and Windows phone. I could be at a library where someone asks about the kids. I can reply, “Murray is the oldest at 13, in 7th grade and likes play-doh”. I know, I know, library??? Ok, make it local watering hole. You also need to keep the notes up to date. Technology is pretty cool, but you still need to be a good father and take the initiative. OneNote is not going to populate itself.

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