Adventures in phone upgrading

I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my phone. I had the HTC Tilt 2, a very well built phone, but bedeviled by a Windows 6.5 OS. I gave this phone to my daughter and I’ll share a bit of that story later. I bought the new HTC Titan with Windows 7.5 “Mango” OS. It has the largest screen size available at 4.7”. I made sure it fit in my pocket prior to purchasing. The phone and OS are amazing. I had it setup in no time, synching docs, email, notes, etc. htc_titan_2[1]

Then I discovered the importance of selecting the correct Windows Live account. Back in the day, Microsoft created Hotmail. They encouraged everyone to get their free account and later link it to Passport. This was a means of identifying yourself once to multiple sites. Xbox, Zune, and now the Windows Phone make this Live account very important. Unfortunately I sync email, calendar, contacts, photos and docs with one Windows Live account created long ago. Xbox and Zune are linked to an even older Live account. Anyway, the AT&T store offered to transfer my contacts from Windows 6.5 to the new phone. Great, saves me a step. I installed, configured and played with the settings. Finally I realized the phone would not allow me to use both accounts and I had to start from scratch. It would be nice to have profile setup that link to specific Windows Live/Hotmail accts. Reinstalling should never be the right option.

Windows will link to all your favorite social media, photo sharing and various other sites automatically. I have found that the phone has frequented sites that I have not in some time. I’ll keep unchecking boxes until my phone and I visit the same sites at the same time.

Bottom line, I love the phone and the OS and have mostly forgotten the Windows Live account nonsense.

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